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The Power Principle II - Propaganda
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Part II – Propaganda The Soviet Menace?; Case Studies: El Salvador,
Nicaragua; Propaganda: Self-Deception and blowback; The “International
Communist Conspiracy”; Declassified Documents; NSC 68; The Pentagon as
Keynsian Mechanism; The Military Industrial Complex; The War against the
Third World; Shifting rationales; What is imperialism?; Case Study: Haiti;
“War is a racket”. Fear-based conditioning - The War of the Worlds, The
Triumph of the Will; World view Warfare; The Russians are coming;
Television: The “perfect propaganda medium”; Soviet vs. American
propaganda; Hollywood and the Pentagon; Psywarriors and the media;
Operation Mockingbird; The Pentagon Pundits; Project Revere; The Bomber
Gap; “scare the hell out of them”. Kilde: