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The swine flu fraud of 1976, on 60 Minutes
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(Originally posted on TheLibertyChannel during the swine flu fraud of 2008
-- the following text was written during that stage) Some observations on
the current swine flu crisis: - Its a global reprise of the US 1976 phony
swine flu panic, - Just as happened in 1976, the virus is not a
significant threat having very low morbility and mortality rates. And,
even if it mutates into something more dangerous, the most reasonable
scenario to be expected is a flu pandemic like the ones in the 60s and
70s, which, although being lethal to many, were also easily controllable,
and quickly faded away. As a matter of fact, flu viruses have never been
the kind of monstrous threat that is now being sold to the public. The
only exception to that was the 1918/1919 pandemic which, of course, had an
ideal context for lethality: the trenches of WWI Western Front and the
terrible sanitary and nutrition conditions of post-WWI Europe and America,
particularly among soldiers, which were the main incubators for the flu, -
So, its on the basis of a virtuality that the public is now being
terrorized, and made to comply, with the orgy of hysteria being promoted
by intellectually bankrupt pseudo-scientists, aka, the fake pharma and
govt. experts who are more interested in promoting dangerous untested
vaccines than in *reality*, - Like in 1976, the pharmas are now being
given legal immunity and liability for whatever harm is caused by their
fast-tracked, untested vaccines, - These vaccines should leave people very
concerned, as theyll be stuffed with dangerous, if not lethal ingredients
(e.g., squalene, mercury, and alum), known to cause neuro-degeneration and
other auto-immune widespread illnesses, - The vaccines may actually
facilitate the spread of the pandemic and facilitate virus reassortment
and/or mutation (via live viruses and nucleic acids in some of them), -
Another important part in all of this, is what has been called the
militarization of medicine. The WHO has effectively set up a platform for
global draconian measures, mandatory vaccinations, and martial law, via
the IHR 2005 and the PIPR Guidance 2009, - That platform is being
reproduced on regional/national scales by most WHO members, most notably
in the West, - Its not likely that the whole machinery is unleashed in the
next few months. As the WHO documents themselves say, were talking about a
10-year minimum, slow motion, Fabian process. During that time, the
pandemic, or other consequent pandemics resulting from H1N1 alterations,
will be used to further militarize civil society and stuff everyone with
dangerous, lethal, vaccines, - This of course, comes right in line with
the paramilitarized, all-reaching surveillance infrastructure thats being
set up everywhere, to allow for the economic looting of the West and for
the slow motion into world totalitarianism, the ordered Platonic society
thats been consistently advocated by the Euro-American banking
establishment during the last 100-years, - This process cant be allowed to
move on. It has to be stopped right now, by exposing these criminals for
what they are, and refusing to comply with their new fascist-at-the-top,
sovietized-at-the-bottom, world system.
Also read a good article on the 1976 congame, on the Salon Magazine: FAIR USE
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