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Mear One - NWO: The Enemy of Humanity HD (Official Video)
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Stop motion video with Mear One painting a thought provoking mural in
London Sept 2012. Sparking conversation and debate ... produced by: Roger
L. Griffith music by: Nosaj Thing There is word
of an attempt to buff my mural in London tomorrow morning. If any one is
in Shoredich appreciates my art please try to get together with others and
stand against them. Repost this to your friends in London and the UK.
Reason is a group of conservatives do not like my mural and are playing a
race card with me. My mural is about class & privilege. The banker group
is made up of Jewish & white Anglos. For some reason they are saying I am
anti semetic. This I am most defenatly not. I believe in equality and
brother & sisterhood on a global scale. What I am against is class. Ruling
class, this is a problem and we need humanization. I dont even believe in
borders. But thats another story. Help me to stand for freedom of
expression! London calling! Mear One.