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Dear John Paterson `Unpaid FRAUD exposer┤ I am Just Fine..... but I
got my computer shut down when I visited Lord Rothschild┤s transcript
yesterday same Rothschild that got our Facebook references FROZEN on
Sunday so that none of our friends or fraud activists could see Michael E
Moore┤s links to over eighty massive globalized companies ...like the P&O
chain and John Robertson Wrights links to Dubai and the ARAB-British
Chamber of Commerce beyond regulation or taxation. Did you know that the
COSTA CONCORDIA was owned by subsidiaries of P&O and that its name in the
native language is a joke about the KKK. So I want to explain first why
40% of Scotland┤s marriages fail and how if you are a loyal loving
heterosexual husband and were already your home owner before you met your
wife you remember Greg Hallett telling the story in NZ with all tiers of
corruption in politics, sexuality and law enforcement published openly
online and in numerous videos with a man called Jim Fetzer and Red Ice
radio etc. And Gordon Bowden explaining on an openly published video in
our constitutional monarchy telling us that Philip Hammond is `dirty┤ in
the fraud sector. The story will retell our knowledge on the corruption of
British law enforcement & the deployment of the same frauds by legal firms
who┤s directors are advisors to govt or MSPs called John Lamont, advisor
to Salmond on law but openly confirmed that as a politician he cannot
confront serious fraud but works for the better off together movement.
What I discovered yesterday that crashed my computer I would like to
reveal in a video I want to talk about the GLOBALISED FRAUD AND ITS OWNERS
which Gordon would not let me talk about. Have you watched the video about
the person who got his head cut off by an English speaking terrorist in
the Islamic brotherhood covered by John Humphrey┤s this morning with no
references to the 1300 Islam companies in the UK, the Leumi Bank from
Israel profiting from GAZA campaigners or Terry Waite┤s Director numbers
and the overlaps with ITV media Ponzi┤s under the control of Lord Hollick
of Notting Hill. The Rothschild man still works as a director and a
secretary...they use all the corrupted boiler rooms and
laundering/crashing methods but just when I was making slides about the
same director listing the Windmill link to Waddesdon where he has
registered the company twice under different IDs....the one that is
trading has a time axis in days rather than years. I don┤t want to send
you this image or of the ones on the FRANK BRUNO BOXING JOKE and TAM
DALYELL and other Socialist who are friends of Israel and the Jewish head
of the World Bank, Israeli Central Bank and Roth┤s director at the Company
that Builds the KNESSET registered by the Roth┤s in London. You should
learn about the war loot in the Victoria and Albert museum put there by a
man called Gilbert ..part of the Roth┤s listings who┤s real name was
changed as he shifted across continents in perfect synchrony with world
wars.....his real name is BERNSTEIN `no not the musician┤. So drop me a
line we will make the video mid morning if you are up for this. THIS IS
THE ROTHSCHILD `see corporate doc and THE THIN BLUE LINES BELOW┤. and
these are the companies that did not crash my computer. Thank you for
telling me BRAVEHEART `the actor┤ was a Jew like George W Bush and Harper
in Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiLatwTFUhw YOU MUST NOT
please let the director numbers out
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiLatwTFUhw Inline images 1 On 19
August 2014 11.11, John Paterson reefboy@hotmail.com wrote: George, are
you OK ? I don┤t want to go to plan B and dispatch the hit squad to you
know who. regards JP aka THE PLEASE SEE LINKS.
https://www.youtube.com/user/KelsonianSmithsonian AND HERE......
And here......Abel Danger... http://www.abeldanger.net/