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Nuclear Insanity Read the 1st document in link below please
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Published on Oct 30, 2012 by TheNuclearInsanity “Unnoticed by the crowd,
the world as a whole has become a dark, cold, and frighteningly
disorienting place.” - “Humanity still has no goal.” Produced in 2009. It
was broadcasted once on Oct. 20, 2009 at 3:00 AM!?? source: We feel everyone should know, things happening on
this planet!! Please, reflect solutions! Share and keep informed. Take
action in Your community, investigate, inform and take precautions! There is preventive steps we can take,
search for natural remedies. Protect the youngs, children first. Dumping
nuclear waste around the globe, sea n land,.. This is all coming of age
now, surfacing mayhem for our planet. All life is endangered ! How many of
this deposit have bursted and are leaking,.. deadly nuclear heritage !??
Thanks go to 007bratsche for translating this documentation from the
french/german Its about the nuclear cycle lies, telling us that
reprocessing spent fuel would be a means to avoid nuclear waste,
respectively treat the nuclear waste in a manner it could be re-used!!???
LIES from Nuclear Industry. Please watch the whole video!.. We uploaded
this video because we realized theres no english version on YT, although
there are some versions in german or french. This video has correlation
with what is happening in World now !! --------------- Hurricane Sandy,
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