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To all Members of Parliament Wales My name is Mr Gary Jones and I’m
writing this letter to all welsh MP’s. This is regarding an issue that I
feel has been overlooked, neglected and even ignored. This is an issue
that despite any mainstream media coverage is gaining huge worldwide
attention from alert and concerned groups of people all around the
world. I’m referring to the mass sightings of persistent white trails
that are appearing in the skies. These are trails that do not behave like
the well known contrails that are short lives and disperse very quickly.
But these are plane trails that last for minutes, hours even the length of
the day. They have been causing a blue sky to become hazy looking which
blocks out natural sunlight Countries with different climates and weather
systems have reported similar trails in there skies and they all bare all
same hallmarks, characteristics and behavioural patterns as I have
observed here in Wales. By same patterns I mean planes that fly over
leaving trails that not only persist for hours and spread to block out
natural sunlight. But these planes have been forming grids, parallel
lines, criss-crosses, unusual flight patterns, circles and figure 8’s.
Refer to files: (You will notice that these are not natural at
all). • Grids, P-Lines, Circles Trails, Straight Clouds • Unusual Plane
Trails File 1 & 2 These trails have been given the name CHEMTRAILS.
Despite several efforts made by people asking for about this the official
stance of the UK Parliament is to say, Chemtrails are not a recognised
phenomenon and that there is no evidence to show they exist and that what
is being observed is just contrails that are emitted from a plane’s
engine. The British Government has said that there is no evidence that
Chemtrails exist and I do feel a general query merits this response.
Whilst I know this to be an unsatisfactory response, I feel when people
are asking this question of parliament its maybe due to the lack necessary
evidence to allow politicians to make a better informed response. The goal
of this letter is to provide you with materials and evidence to help you
better understand this situation and why urgent action is needed to
investigate what is happening in our skies. I’m emailing all MP’s of
Wales this material and with better understanding that you all take this
matter much more seriously. I would like to have this issue raised in the
Welsh Assembly and even in the Houses of Parliament. I have evidence to
show and that will prove that chemtrails do exist and that they are the
result of a MUCH LARGER PLAN known as Geo-Engineering/SRM (Solar Radiation
Management). Geo-Engineering involves spraying the planet’s atmosphere
with heavy metals which include heavy metals such as Aluminium, Barium and
Strontium. Such plans have been discussed and put in place (and it’s my
opinion – now fully active) to allegedly combat the issues of global
warming. The provided documentation attached to this letter proves that
patented technology has already been designed to do this vary task.
Please check attached folder PDF Geo-Engineering • US5003816 Patent
Welsbach Seeding • US3899144 POWDER_CONTRAIL_WerlePatent • US3813875
Barium Release System • House of Commons Science and Technology
Committee: The Regulation of Geoengineering The House of Commons report
Page 38: The Regulation of Geo-Engineering: This table shows the minor to
major impacts that could come from allowing the testing of Geo-Engineering
or SRM (Solar Radiation Management) The table for large scale states (No
experiments have been seriously proposed or planned at this stage) this
means that no one is sure what the environmental impacts could be if such
plans of Geo-Engineering or SRM is allowed. As you can see from the PDF
Patents & House of Common report, these ideas and technologies are in
existence. However it is my firm belief that these are already being used
to spray Aluminium, Barium and Strontium in aerosol form into the planet’s
atmosphere. This belief has been confirmed by rainwater samples which have
been independently tested and have been shown to contain high amounts of
Aluminium, Barium and Strontium. This is evidence that’s seems to be going
un-noticed by anyone in the UK Government environmental agencies. • Photographs and Videos which have
been taken by myself and other concerned individuals show that there are
indeed a large number of un-explained and bizarre trails which have been
left in the wake of an aeroplane which defy all known and accepted forms
of contrails. Refer to Unusual Plane Trails File 1 & 2 & Grids, P-Lines,
Circles Trails, Straight Clouds The House of Commons Report (referred
above) did state that Geo-Engineering/SRM programs in a large scale that
(No experiments have been seriously proposed or planned at this stage)
These issues have been detailed and examined by scientists and active
researchers who know all to well the effects of Geo-Engineering. These can
be found in two online internet films. • What In The World Are They
Spraying: • Why In The
World Are They Spraying:
The first documentary (What in the World) looks at the contents in what
is being sprayed from these passing aeroplanes that are leave these
persistent hazy trails. You will see the very same metals are present in
water samples i.e Aluminium, Barium and Strontium and the effects it is
having on the environment. The second documentary (Why in the World)
looks at the more of the reasons as to why these planes are spraying the
earth atmosphere. One of the main reasons is to help promote the GMO food
agenda MONSANTO and its GMO drought, soil contaminated and flood resistant
seeds are one such reason. Another reason for the mass
Geo-Engineering is to alter or influence our weather system. You may have
noticed that for the past couple of years the UK weather system has been
somewhat different to what it was before. Record rainfalls, snowfalls and
high/low temperatures across the UK are being broken all the time now. •
Whilst the weather system continues to be very topsy turvy (read the
stories in links provided) also the planet has since gone through an
overhaul in cloud designs to. Refer to Normal Cloud & NASA chart file The
NASA chart which has recently been released as now showing at least 27-32
new varieties of cloud whilst the pictures in the file (Cloud Charts)
which label only 9. These clouds have been scientifically proven and
accepted as your everyday natural formations. • (simple
explantion of cloud formation and names. With all these extra designated
cloud formations this should be at least getting you asking the question
“where have all the new clouds come from?” The only cause for this to
have occurred is because of the Geo-Engineering program. This website link
provides some information as to why this is a case of disinformation. •
Now the documentaries both listed above (What/Why in the world are they
spraying) have since gone Viral with millions of views being recorded. I
would strongly suggest that you watch them for your personal
education. Both of these documentaries highlight the detrimental impact
Geo-Engineering via chemtrails is having not just to the environment
(tree’s soils and water). But it is directly linked to having an effect on
the Birds, Bees and Fish populations. Mainstream Media and Scientists
have reported that these species are dying in unexplainable large, but
can’t seem to understand why. This BBC report shows that a large volume
of well known UK birds have disappeared or their numbers have drastically
fallen. The news report states that this is due to the destruction of
their habitats but does not state the cause, one such thing to consider
the vast decline is because of the Geo-Engineering that is going on.
One alarming story that broke in USA California was the millions of dead
fish that were found floating in a harbour. An estimated One Million
(1,000,000) fish were believed to be dead but the number was considered to
be more. When saying the Mainstream Media can’t figure out why, it’s
because for the most part they never report or bother to follow up such on
the story. The BBC news report states that supposedly these fish got
lost and used up all the oxygen in the harbour, which is pretty empty and
unproven statement. But it also stated that no trace of toxin was found However if the BBC
had bothered to follow up the story they would have discovered that the
dead fish being recovered, had proven positive for powerful toxins. As is
read in the Huffington Post link
And this is not just limited to USA. Wales has suffered a similar
incident for which no explanation is given as to how 20,000 fish were
killed. The explanation seems to be that some form of pollution caused it. This is EXACTLY what the
documentaries stated above have shown to be the effects of Geo-Engineering
i.e chemtrails spraying of metals in the earth’s atmosphere Aluminium,
Barium and Strontium. This mass decline in wildlife issue really needs to
be investigated much more thoroughly. Finally the most disturbing of all
the trends for the rapid decline in our wildlife is that of the honeybee.
If the honeybee’s do not pollinate the plants or crops then that has a
drastic knock on effect especially when it comes to food production. And
in the past 10-20 years the US and UK has seen a massive reduction in the
honeybee population.
The story by the guardian has stated one of the causes of the rapid
decline of bee’s is the increased use of pesticides. Pesticides are
sprayed on by planes flying over farms are they not, you would have to say
there is some link between the planes flying around the globe spraying
contaminants into the atmosphere which would have a direct effect to those
on the ground below. One important quote “Insects such as bees, moths
and hoverflies pollinate around a third of the crops grown worldwide. If
all of the UKs insect pollinators were wiped out, the drop in crop
production would cost the UK economy up to £440m a year, equivalent to
around 13% of the UKs income from farming. The collapse in the global bee
population is a major threat to crops. It is estimated that a third of
everything we eat depends upon pollination by bees, which means they
contribute some £26bn to the global economy.” The PDF US Patents, House
of Common Report (which I strongly suggest you read), Photo’s and News
Reports that are provided here is nothing but a mere speck of the mass
amounts of information available on this subject. Yet with what I have
provided I feel is more than enough to prove at the bare minimum that
something incredibly wrong is going on in the skies. And that it can be
attributed to the Geo-Engineering/SRM (Solar Radiation Management)
programs. Whilst I can only to stress the importance of maintaining and
protecting the planet for our survival, I hope that through better
education you can understand that Geo-Engineering is not only not the
answer to our problems but that allowing them to continue is only going to
cause more problems than they will solve. Yours Faithfully Mr Gary Jones