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Svensmark - The Cloud Mystery
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“Our clouds take their orders from the stars,” says the Danish scientist
Henrik Svensmark. Thats the amazing and provocative discovery reported
here. Most experts thought the idea was crazy. The film records ten years
of effort by the small team in Copenhagen that, in the end, solved the
mystery of how the Galaxy and the Sun interfere in our everyday weather.
Its provocative because Dr Svensmarks revelations challenge the belief of
most climate theorists that carbon dioxide has been the main driver of
global warming. As a result he has faced never-ending opposition. But
strong support for the cosmic view of climate change comes from astronomer
Nir Shaviv and geologist Jan Veizer. In the film they tell how the Galaxy
has governed the Earths ever-changing climate over 500 million years. The
Cloud Mystery is aimed at a wide audience. Astonishing pictures from our
Galaxy, the Sun, and cloud formations are mixed with spectacular
animations to simplify the science. Comments by astronomers, geologists
and climate experts convey their sense of adventure, and give scientific
weight to the discoveries presented. The audience is taken on a trip
around the world, where scientists from Denmark, Israel, Canada, the USA,
and Norway contribute to this exciting story. Linking all the discoveries
is the non-stop rain of cosmic rays – energetic particles from exploded
stars that battle with the Suns magnetic field to reach the Earth. Central
in the story is an experiment in a Copenhagen basement. It showed how
cosmic rays help to make chemical specks in the air on which water drops
condense to make clouds. The story concludes that clouds are the main
driver of climate change on Earth. The documentary follows Henrik
Svensmark in his struggle to find the physical evidence of a celestial
climate driver. The film demonstrates that science can be a rough place to
be if you are in opposition to the established “truth”. Lars Oxfeldt
Mortensen has produced and directed a number of international acclaimed
documentaries. He is the winner of numerous awards including CirCom
Regional, Monte Carlo and the Télé Science awards.