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Chemical Contrails - Full Video from Discovery Channel
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The one hour `Chemical Contrails´ episode, first aired 22 February 2007 appeared to be a compromise of some sort - perhaps the pro-chemtrail side was too convincing and the government types and `scientists´ were coming off poorly because in the version aired an excess of screen time was devoted to a rather meaningless laboratory testing of commercial jet fuel that appeared to this viewer to be extended to fill where something earlier had been edited out.

Why would the producer or director not have seen this content imbalance - but who knows what went on?

But, nevertheless, it is a breakthrough that such a program be aired at all in the mainstream media.

The general consensus is that the best thing about the program was it exposed the issue to a wider audience of people who might otherwise not know anything about chemtrails but have questioned all of the strange plumes that they have been seeing in our skies for the last number of years.
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