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NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL Israel’s nuclear deterrent method exposed.
This information was discovered as part of my Fukushima report Israel is
keeping a dirty little secret.....
Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, Jan 8 2012

There is a reason why the U.S. government is waging war all over the
world, even obviously against the good of the nation.
There is a reason why the U.S. government rapidly rolled over and did the
banker bailout without question, in an amount which exceeded the value of
every mortgage in the country by more than 3x, and every mortgage in
default by over 15x; an amount which will destroy America once the ripple
effect is finished.
Many of you are no doubt scratching your heads, wondering why every
elected president turns back on his campaign promises the second the
inauguration is complete. Believe me, the corruption of American elected
officials is not that deep. You cannot elect several presidents in
sequence, and have them all perfectly screw the country, ESPECIALLY the way
Bush and Obama did; they had their reason, and it is called NUCLEAR
BLACKMAIL. What if they never wanted to renege (at least not so
completely)? What about Obama? And what about the other countries, which
also screwed their people the same way? Why is it seemingly a universal
truth, that all governments around the world are simultaneously going
against the will of their people, in favor of the Jewish bankers and
Israel? I believe I have figured it out, and I have documented it. I am
going to tell you the hows and whys of Israel’s dirty little secret - how
they got their nuclear offensive capability in place, why they decided on
the chosen method, and how they ended up using it. Israel had a serious
launch dilemma - Israel is in a unique predicament. It’s small land mass
and hostile neighborhood have made developing a space program and ballistic
missile defense system all but impossible. Geography matters. Most nations
are privileged to have vast tracts of land suitable for space launches, or
friendly neighbors who will permit the use of their airspace during a space
launch. Israel is not one of them. If a rocket is to be put to its most
practical use, it must launch toward the rising sun to make use of earth’s
rotational velocity and add it to the speed of the rocket. If a rocket is
launched towards the setting sun, it must first accelerate to the speed of
the earth’s rotation, and then an additional 1,000 mph just to get to where
zero would have been with an eastward launch. Though it can be done, it
wastes fuel and after launch another problem then presents itself - your
payload will be traveling opposite to all the many thousands of other
satellites and space debris in orbit and an eventual catastrophic collision
is virtually assured. This has made westward launches both taboo and
difficult. Westward launches are considered unacceptable, though Israel has
done it. Israel has been stifled in space of because of these
difficulties. The prime Eastward launch direction will violate both
Jordanian and Saudi airspace, because a rocket has to reach an altitude of
60 miles to be formally above, and not trespassing on a nation. Though a
straight up launch which then turns East after an acceptable altitude is
reached is possible, it will waste so much fuel and require such a large
rocket that it will be too impractical to be considered an option. This has
spelled doom for a land based ballistic missile defense system in Israel
because only a small east to west launch corridor is available over the
Mediterranean. So while the Israelis have launched satellites into orbit
through this window, a ballistic defense system which needs a full 360
degree launch direction to be fully effective is not possible. Israel was
forced to both explore and implement other methods of delivering an
effective nuclear deterrent. Sadly, their only affordable option allowed
them to screw the world - What if Israel came up with a way to smuggle
nuclear weapons into the most sensitive areas of all the developed nations
- areas where if anything big goes BOOM all is lost? Could there be a
clandestine reason for the supposed shortage of Helium 3, which is needed
in the type of radiation detectors required to detect a nuclear weapon? You
can block protons, but neutrons are difficult to shield entirely, and you
can forget about neutrinos - you can’t hide a nuke from the right detector,
one which uses helium 3 in it’s detector element. Why did America and all
other nations somehow run out of Helium 3 a few years ago, which
simultaneously left their borders open to nuclear weapons smuggling?
Coincidence? I think not. The picture to the left appears to be a
legitimate camera in a body that could also hold a nuke. It does not appear
to actually be a nuke. HOWEVER This particular one in the above picture
appears to be a bona fide nuke camera. Note the differences - At the top of
the gun barrel, there is a reinforced area to survive the ignition of the
projectile propellant. The “cameras” look superficial and appear to be
mounted to the surface of the barrel with very little intruding depth.
Think about the webcam in your laptop or the camera in your IPhone -
Nowadays that’s all the depth a very good camera needs if price is no
object, so it is easy to build convincing and deceptive functionality into
the unit to justify it’s enormous size. Israel’s main strategy has been to
smuggle nuclear weapons into sensitive areas of nations under the disguise
of security contracts. These security contracts use “proprietary” equipment
that is maintained only by Israelis. In this particular case, the
proprietary equipment is stated to be “biscopic” cameras, which are put in
place bysecurity companies operating as front companies on behalf of the
Israeli Defense Forces. Magna BSP, the company which provided “security” at
the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan is one of them. During my
investigation of the Fukushima mission, I studied Magna BSP and discovered
that in addition to Japan, they also got security contracts in Brazil,
Germany, and the United States. All 4 of these countries have provided
massive financial “bailouts” to zionist bankers, and though I have not
proven that all of these countries were blackmailed with the threat of a
nuclear armageddon, the coincidence is very suspicious and given what
happened in Japan, even a little more than suspicious. In the Fukushima
report the reason given was that Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran.
But shortly thereafter, Japan damaged it’s economy by surrendering 1.7
trillion USD to Jewish bankers even though no prior debt was owed. This
particular “camera” is a concept drawing of what the final design will look
like. But don’t count on it looking that way after this report or the
Fukushima report, many large items which can be excused off as security
devices can also house a nuke. Additionally, other types of contracts use
equipment that is very suitable for housing an implosion nuke, which is
often much smaller than a gun nuke. Gun type nukes do not produce very
predictable results which is a good explanation for why the other two
exploded reactors did not produce a mushroom cloud. Reactor 4, which
“exploded” had been de-fueled and did not even have a core in it, this was
proven with the classified photos in the Fukushima report. This made the
explosion at reactor four flatly impossible. The un predictability of gun
nukes is a good reason to move away from them, so I expect the gun nuke
camera to be a dying breed. Perhaps the Israelis wanted to get rid of old
nuclear inventory, and from the crudeness of the looks of the units
delivered thus far, I suspect exactly that. I strongly recommend you take
the time and read the Fukushima report in full, it’s all documented from
official sources, contains about 7 hours of reading material and took
hundreds of hours to research out. With the inadequately explained and
inexcusable absence of helium 3, most of the world’s borders are now wide
open for Israel to get it’s deterrent fully in place and have been for some
time. I believe Israel has multiple nuclear weapons in place in key areas
of the United States, Germany, Japan and Brazil, and has plans for or has
succeeded in smuggling nukes into many other countries. Israel has been
able to make hundreds of nuclear weapons from the reactor in Dimona, and
has stolen enough nuclear material from America to make additional
thousands. I believe Israel is holding the world nuclear hostage. If anyone
says anything, opens their mouth, they get killed. If a nation goes against
the will of Israel, and does not submit financially, BOOM. And it will all
be blamed on the environment, a meteor, or “terrorists” because after all,
TERRORISTS smuggle nukes in through the ports, RIGHT? -SO- The next time
that guy you voted for reneges on his campaign promises IMMEDIATELY after
inauguration The next time your government forks over unbelievable cash to
Jewish bankers and destroys your future; The next time your government
sends your children off to die in a war against a nation that never
attacked you; The next time a 911 happens; The next time another SOPA act
passes, or some other legislation no one wants passes and directs hatred at
a government that needs our support to survive: consider this article -- I

Prophetic Words of Destruction Against New York City Given through
Brian Charles
“You must leave it all behind, city of My wrath!”
“Leave this place, city of My wrath!”
“Destroyed in an instant, city of My wrath! You must go!”
“Leave the city of My wrath!”
“It’ll be destroyed in an instant!” “It’ll be blasted out of existence.”
--New York City
“Destroyed in an instant by My wrath.” --New York City
“I hate that place.” --New York City
“It’ll all be blasted apart in a minute.” --New York City, world economy
“Leave it all behind.”
“You must flee!”
“You must go! You must flee for your life!”
“Flee the city of My wrath!”
“City of My wrath, you must go!”
“Eternal destruction shall be her lot. She has refused to obey Me. Thus
says the Lord of Hosts.”
“It’ll be a piece of history. You’ll see.”
“All the big cities will be nuked.”
“It’ll all be gone in an instant. You’ll see –by nuclear fire.”
“It’ll all erupt in nuclear fire!”
“Great is My wrath against this place!” --New York City
“Flee this place! Flee this place for your life!”
“Get out of My country –I shall bring destruction upon it.”
“Leave this place.” --New York City
“It’ll be blasted off the face of the Earth!” “I’M gonna destroy that
town!” --New York City
“I’ll destroy this city with a sudden burst. It will all be reduced to
piles of rubble.” --New York City
“See them building those buildings taller? I shall bring them flat!”
“Towers will come down in an instant.” -Manhattan
“I’ll tear it down with My bare hands.” --Word of judgment for the Empire
State Building
“This place will be collapsed.” --Lincoln Tunnel
“This place will be collapsed under My hand.” --Port Authority Bus
Terminal, New York City
“Not a block will be left on top of another that won’t be blasted away.”
“It’ll be a thing of the past.” --The Statue of Liberty, and what it
stands for – freedom and liberty
“The American flag will be a thing of the past, replaced by martial law,
New World Order control.”
“New Flag – New World Order”
“It all must go –they won’t serve Me.” --God’s people, the Christians and
the Jews
“It all must go –they won’t obey Me. Thus says the Lord Most High. Amen”
“Leave it all behind –it’s coming under My wrath. They have refused to
obey My will.”
“They won’t obey Me. Nobody will. I must destroy them for that.”
“All apportioned to destruction.”
“All this will be a thing of the past.” --nightlife, culture
“It’s all gonna be gone.” --New York, New England
“All this will be submerged underwater.” --NYC, CT
“It’ll all be submerged under the sea.” --NJ, New York State, Long Island
“I’m gonna destroy this place. They depend on money too much.”
“They have chased after their idols.” --People of NY, NJ
“It’ll all be submerged under the sea.”
“Factories will be silent under My wrath.”
“It’ll all go silent.” --world economy system
“I’ll destroy the world because of that!” --covetousness, greed
“I’m gonna destroy humanity.” --because of the sin of covetousness
Read Isaiah chapter 14, and Revelation chapters 17 and 18, Holy Bible