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Hidden Human History - Hypothesis Theory - Original
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~FREE PDF BOOKS: http://goo.gl/vm82R ~The Emerald Tablets of Thoth [Hidden
Human History Deeper Explained +PDF] 4Consideration Only!:
http://goo.gl/6LpsO ~credits video: http://youtube.com/TheSpiritScience &
http://youtube.com/jordanduchnycz ~NEW: ~better version:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swe3EOKCbFI ~sub:
http://youtube.com/NwoSatire ~credits video: http://thespiritscience.net
original "more info" [quote]: License: Creative Commons Attribution
license (reuse allowed)"[unquote]
http://youtube.com/TheSpiritScience NO this is NOT from Scientology,
some love to promote Scientology I wont have that, even discussing
Scientology is a form of free advertisement, delete most of them.
Scientology is a CULT that abuses power. I know many ex-Scientology some
RonsOrg that gave me in-depth knowledge how they operate: "offense is the
best defense" mentality using private information against ex-members and
much more horror I have no time to explain. I uploaded amongst others:
http://youtu.be/QCfk3qSj7Lw ~most concepts sold or promoted by Ron L.
Hubbards Scientology is connected to Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
with members like Occultist Aleister Crowley connected to amongst others
Ordo Templi Orientis also has roots with the order of the golden dawn.
Jack Parsons the rocket propulsion scientist that founded JPL for NASA,
was a member of the OTO. They KNOW each-other and have access to vast
Ancient Knowledge they use as bases for their stories. Most of Scientology
is NOT "original" !!! ~UFO Cover Up Explained in 10 Minutes:
http://youtu.be/ZXKIw6eNqH8 ~Undeniable UFO Documentary:
http://youtu.be/l1WWRJinIU4 ~66 Hidden Alien-Human-Conspiracies History
Annunaki Reptillians: http://youtu.be/4i7N9UyB0Dc Video is mostly based
on the work of Drunvalo Melchizidek Ancient Secret of the Flower of
Life. DISCLAIMER: ~if NwoSatire upload a
controversial video does NOT mean that this channel is "endorsing"
all it or that this channel suppose to see it as "proof" of anything.
I ONLY share for consideration purpose only. By allowing
ALL options we have more chance finding the bigger picture. We all
are seeing bits & pieces of key-information that can reshape our
world-view of possibilities. TIPS: Forbidden Archeology Michale Cremo,
Gods of Eden William Bramley, Nothing in This Book Is True, But Its
Exactly How Things Are Bob Frissel, David Icke books, Drunvalo Melchizedek
books, Zecharia Sitchin books, Erich von Däniken books, Immanuel
Velikovsky books. NOT to blindly accept or "believe" but to consider
alternative points of view that CAN have human errors or
misrepresentations, nevertheless you research it. Q: What do you think,
who created humans? A: Prime Creator that is beyond any Human
Perceptions & comprehensions, anyone that tries to describe the
indescribable is LIMITING with their own limitations. Prime Creator is
way to big for ANY religion or scientific dogma! The word "Prime
Creator" is a concept NOT a dogma or an agenda to recruit followers of
drones copy-cats parrots. The moment you WANT to be responsible for your
own quality of thinking and NOT hide behind the interpretations of so
called "authorities" of any "holy scripture" you are the only one to blame
if you screw up, make mistakes to learn from ... if you do that you gain
self-respect & awareness that exceeds the programmed hive mind
behavior. ~better to be inspired to do your own research (quest for
truth), thus having your own journey of discoveries filled with
life-mind-expanding experiences!