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Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: Project HAARP
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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura HAARP as aired on Tru Tv. Is it a
communications research project or a doomsday weapon that can change the
weather, shoot satellites out of orbit - and trigger mind control across
the globe? Jesse Ventura and his team head north to a remote region of
Alaska to confront the military installation called HAARP. Jesse
Ventura and his team head to Alaska to investigate the purpose of the HAARP
installation. In a remote region of Alaska, a special government research
center is said to be testing the High Frequency Active Auroral Research
Program, which, some believe, allows radio waves to be developed as a
potential weapon. If true, these radio waves could be used to change the
weather and control peoples minds. Jesse and his team head to the Last
Frontier to investigate, but nervous security guards try to stop them at
the gate of the facility and keep them from finding the real purpose
first-hand. The team also talks to a scientist who demonstrates how radio
waves can be used to literally move clouds. Featured Experts and
Eyewitnesses include: Dr. Brooks Agnew, a physicist who believes he
accidentally triggered an earthquake by using radio waves to locate
underground oil, Dr. Roger Smith, director of the Geophysical Institute at
the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, which coordinates research at the
HAARP facility in Gakona, AK, Dr. Nick Begich, a native Alaskan and
anti-HAARP activist, and Robert Eastlund, the son of Bernard Eastlund,
whose ideas were allegedly the catalyst for the creation of HAARP. This
video is uploaded under the Copyright Fair use Policy