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Minions of Darkness - Full Danish Documentary - English Subtitles
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By TVwakeup -- The 911 terrorist attack launched a witch hunt not seen
since the medieval Inquisition. Darkness fell upon humanity and the world
was suddenly whipped into a hysterical chaos, where synthetic enemies
became the favorite tool used by governments, to intimidate and repress
their domestic populations. Terror legislations were globally introduced
in panic under US pressure. Human rights were trampled upon and ridiculed
in the name of fighting terrorism. With lies about preserving evidence of
Saddams WMD, the Danish Government with Prime Minister Anders Fogh
Rasmussen at the forefront, helped to tumble Denmark and the rest of the
world into the abyss. Our once peace-loving and respected Denmark,
suddenly found itself guilty of Participation in the conspiracy to commit
crimes against peace, defined under the Nuremberg Tribunal as the greatest
crime of all. We, the Danish people, were now hated war criminals. Our
government officials and army commanders where now guilty of the exact
same crimes the Nazis were convicted and executed for.