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Glenn Zarmanov - 9/11 - GATE (Full Video)
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911-GATE emerged on August 31, 2010--the day that the truth about September
11, 2001 was finally released to the public. 911GATE is the nickname for
the staggering 3+ terabytes (nearly 5TB) of video evidence that was
declassified by the government one week before the 9th anniversary of 9/11
blown up with explosives/bombs, and they did NOT collapse as a result of
fires. - WTC7 was blown up with explosives/bombs, and there were flashes
and blasts seen and heard going off before any of the three towers came
down. - The planes that hit the towers were flying like military fighter
jets according to eyewitnesses, some of whom distinctly said they were not
commercial airliners. If they werent drones, then likely the commercial
planes would have been remotely controlled. - There are multiple
instances of foreknowledge of 9/11: Defense Department whistleblowers
warning of the attacks, insider trading, as well as television and movie
shows depicting the attacks before they happened. - Many of these
predictive programming shows even blame Muslims for the attacks which the
CIA staged to justify an illegal international war on terrorism, which in
truth is a war for drugs and other natural resources.