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9/11: Eyewitnesses to Explosive WTC Demolition 2/2
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A key facet of the 9/11 catastrophe that is often overlooked is the reports
of explosions at the Twin Towers that dozens of eyewitnesses gave on 9/11
and in the following days. Truth activist Will Dull collected over 30
video clips into a 27-minute compilation, in which dozens of journalists,
first responders, and survivors describe explosions and explosive devices
in and around the WTC skyscrapers. When brought together, they provide a
chilling narrative that adds to the overwhelming evidence against the
official account of events — particularly given the fact that none of
these explosions are a part of that account. The first video clip, the
firefighters shown are so concerned about the explosions that they
experienced in the Twin Towers that one of them says, There may be more.
Any one of these buildings could blow up. In another harrowing sequence,
two office workers that are covered in building debris and dust tell how
they escaped from an explosion in one of the Twin Towers. The familiar
testimony of a firefighter describing the boom boom boom sequence of
explosions that ran down the side of one of the Twin Towers is accompanied
by clips from four other eyewitnesses who independently give the same
account. A local NBC reporter relays the words of FDNY Safety Chief Albert
Turi, telling viewers that he thinks there were actually devices planted
in the building. The most extensive interview featured in this collection
is that of Phillip Morelli, a construction worker at the WTC complex who
described an intense burst of heat in the basement and an explosion that
knocked over walls and made steel doors look like paper. At the time, he
and others didnt know what was causing this violent activity, but
scientific examination of the WTC dust and technical analysis of the
buildings destruction has confirmed that explosive devices, not the
airplane impacts, brought the Twin Towers and Building 7 down. None of
these testimonies were even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report or the
NIST Reports. These disturbing omissions underscore the need for a new,
independent investigation with full subpoena power.